Quick Coupler For Excavator

Quick Coupler for Excavator¬†(also called quick hitches) are used with construction machines to allow the rapid change of buckets and attachments on the machine. They remove the need to use hammers to manually drive out and insert the mounting pins for attachments. They also bring with them additional safety risks that must be overcome by careful design and manufacture, and proper use. There are many variations in the design of quick couplers. The initial divergence is between those that can pick up any of a range of buckets and attachments by clamping onto the mounting pins for the attachment (known as “pin grabbers” or “pin couplers”) and those that work only with buckets and attachments designed to suit that Quick Coupler for Excavator (known as “dedicated”). The claimed advantage of pin-grabbers is flexibility in use in that a machine owner can use a variety of buckets and attachments without changing the quick coupler or buying an adaptor. The claimed advantages of dedicated couplers depend on their individual design but often include better performance and smaller size.

Features & Benefits

-Simple And Robust Design
-Easy Maintenance And Cost Effectiveness
-Compact Size With Enhanced Cylinder And Welding Structure
-Productivity And Efficiency Without Compromising Your Safety