Multi grapple

Demolition and sorting grabs are universal tools for demolition, sorting and loading all kind of materials. The name Multi Grapple is quite a good description for them. The basic structure is quite simple and similar for all brands: a rigid main body with two moving jaws  mounted on both ends of the frame. The jaws are powered by one or two hydraulic cylinders and they are connected together with a steel bar so that they move simultaneously. For heavy applications these excavator Multi grapple are always equipped with a powerful hydraulic rotator but for light loading and sorting jobs a tilt rotator can replace it.

Features And Benefits

-Mechanical Type: No Drain Line Needed
-Easy Loading And Unloading Of Logs, Timber And Scrub Trees
-High Efficiency In severe Working Environment
-Simple And Durable Cylinder
-Strong Mechanical Structure For Safety Work

Multi Grapple